Join National Forum for People's Rights to protect your rights and the rights of others.
National Forum for People's Rights (NFPR) and the causes we stand for will benefit by your support, no matter which field you are from. Your membership will enrich our work, commitment and help us to pressurize and lobby more effectively. If you share similar concerns and outlook about human rights, you can help us by becoming a member or/and paying a donation.
As a member of National Forum for People's Rights, your voice will join with countless others to build pressure for change.

Why Become a Member?
We have to create another world in which the voice of the voiceless will be heard and responded effectively. The present abuse of power and the spread of corruption demand more hands to make a better world. As a member you will be able to voice your concern more powerfully through both collective and individual action.

Members will get opportunity to be the part of the National/State/District/Local committee of the Forum.

Members can participate in the campaigns NFPR by:
Being alert to human rights violations against women, children, minorities, adivasis, dalits and other vulnerable people depending the need of your local area.
You can support and be supported by the human rights education programmes no matter which professional field you belong to.

Your membership fees and donation will help NFPR to:
Support the families of victims of human rights abuses and preparing, publishing and publicizing reports against human rights abuses.
Making National Forum for People's Rights self-reliant and impartial.
Sustaining the human rights campaigns of National Forum for People's Rights.

Membership Fee

Individual Membership

Individuals may become the members of the organization directly. Interested persons may download the Individual membership form from this page and send the completed form along with the ID proof and prescribed fee to the communication address given in the form. Individual membership fee is Rs.500/- for a period of one year. Individual members shall be issued ID cards directly from the headquarters.

Any Indian above 18 years of age who are not identified with or affiliated to organizations that advocate violence can apply for Full Membership. The membership given in the pdf format may be downloaded, filled and send to the Communication Address along with the membership fee and the copy of the identity proof. One photograph is to be pasted in the form and another is to be attached to the form for the ID card.
In normal case after getting an application form we take 3-4 weeks to process it.
If the form is approved, then we allot a Membership No and send it to the concerned member along with the Identity Card.

Termination of Membership:
If a member/unit does not renew their membership on expiry then the membership will be terminated. The member must then re-apply for the membership if interested.
If a member is found guilty of misusing the membership, then the membership can be terminated.

Privileges and Duties of members:
Members will get opportunity to participate in the decision making process of National Forum for People's Rights at National/State/District/Local level.
Members can participate in active campaigning of the National Forum for People's Rights.
Members can attend workshops, trainings, seminars, etc. organized by National Forum for People's Rights.
Members can utilize their expertise for relevant activities of NFPR.
It is the duty of a member to respect and follow the rules and regulations of NFPR the directions of the National Executive.
Members can organize public activities/events/etc as part of a local committee.
You will receive regular emails with news, updates and campaigning actions for you to take.

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